1: Guacamole - Creamy avocado goodness packed with healthy fats and fiber.

2: Hummus - Chickpea-based dip rich in protein and perfect for veggie dipping.

3: Greek yogurt dip - Low-fat, high-protein option for guilt-free snacking.

4: Salsa - Fresh and flavorful tomato-based dip for a spicy kick.

5: Spinach dip - Packed with vitamins and minerals for a nutritious snack.

6: Baba ganoush - Roasted eggplant dip with a smoky flavor and antioxidant benefits.

7: Tzatziki - Cucumber and yogurt dip for a refreshing and light option.

8: Beetroot dip - Colorful and nutritious dip with antioxidant properties.

9: Peanut butter dip - Protein-packed spread for fruit or crackers, satisfy your sweet tooth.