1: "The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira binge Bridgerton to prep for romantic Rickmichonne spinoff."

2: "Fans are excited for the potential spinoff after the beloved characters’ on-screen chemistry."

3: "Lincoln and Gurira’s dedication to their roles shines through in their off-screen prep work."

4: "Bridgerton’s romance and drama inspired the actors as they prepared for the spinoff."

5: "The Rickmichonne spinoff promises to be a captivating love story for Walking Dead fans."

6: "Lincoln and Gurira’s emotional connection adds depth to the new chapter in their characters' story."

7: "Viewers can’t wait to see where Lincoln and Gurira take Rick and Michonne’s romance next."

8: "The anticipation is high for the long-awaited spinoff that promises to tug at fans’ heartstrings."

9: "Stay tuned for updates on the Rickmichonne spinoff and the exciting journey ahead for the characters."