1: The 1969 Dodge Charger - Known for its powerful engine and iconic design.

2: The 1967 Shelby GT500 - A favorite among car enthusiasts for its speed and style.

3: The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS - A true classic with a huge following.

4: The 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda - One of the most sought-after muscle cars in history.

5: The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 - A high-performance legend that continues to impress.

6: The 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge - Famous for its unique styling and impressive performance.

7: The 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 - A rare and powerful muscle car that stands out from the crowd.

8: The 1968 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi - A true muscle car icon with a fierce reputation.