1: Simone Biles, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, reveals she and husband Jonathan Owens argue about who's the greater athlete.

2: Biles admits she gets competitive with Owens, a professional football player, over their athletic achievements.

3: Despite the friendly rivalry, Biles and Owens support each other's success and push each other to be better.

4: Biles credits Owens for motivating her to strive for greatness in her gymnastics career.

5: Owens acknowledges Biles' extraordinary talent and dedication to her sport.

6: The couple's competitive spirit adds excitement to their relationship and fuels their mutual respect for each other.

7: Biles and Owens find joy in celebrating each other's accomplishments on and off the field.

8: Their playful arguments about athleticism highlight their love and admiration for each other's exceptional abilities.

9: Biles and Owens' lighthearted debates remind us that even the greatest athletes need a supportive partner by their side.