1: "NCIS Spinoff" Discover the exciting new spinoff featuring beloved characters Tony and Ziva.

2: "Starring Michael Weatherly" Michael Weatherly returns to his iconic role as Tony in this thrilling spinoff.

3: "Cote de Pablo" Fan-favorite Cote de Pablo is back as Ziva, captivating audiences once again.

4: "Ordered at Paramount" Paramount has greenlit the highly anticipated NCIS spinoff for a thrilling new series.

5: "May 2024 Premiere" Mark your calendars for the premiere of the NCIS spinoff in May 2024.

6: "Action-Packed Drama" Get ready for intense action and drama as Tony and Ziva team up once again.

7: "Mystery and Intrigue" Follow along as Tony and Ziva tackle new cases full of mystery and intrigue.

8: "Emotional Storylines" Prepare for emotional twists and turns as Tony and Ziva's story unfolds.

9: "Join the Adventure" Don't miss out on the excitement - join Tony and Ziva on their thrilling new journey.