1: Introduction Discover the nations with the most tanks in 2024 and their military capabilities.

2: United States The US is a global leader in tank warfare, with over 5,800 tanks in active service.

3: Russia Russia boasts one of the largest tank fleets, with around 12,950 tanks in operation.

4: China China's tank force is formidable, with approximately 6,500 tanks standing ready for combat.

5: India India has a significant tank force, with over 4,200 tanks in its arsenal.

6: North Korea North Korea has an estimated 5,485 tanks, making it a formidable force in Asia.

7: South Korea South Korea maintains a strong tank force of over 2,700 tanks for national defense.

8: Germany Germany is a key NATO ally with around 365 tanks at its disposal.

9: France France possesses approximately 406 tanks, maintaining its status as a European military power.