1: "Separate these 12 foods to prevent spoilage and foodborne illnesses. Keep raw meat away from produce to avoid cross-contamination."

2: "Did you know that storing apples with onions can make them rot faster? Learn how to keep your food fresh and safe."

3: "Keep potatoes away from onions to prevent them from sprouting. Store these foods separately for longer shelf life and better taste."

4: "Combining bananas with tomatoes can cause them to ripen quickly. Stay informed to avoid wasting food and money."

5: "Avoid storing bread with potatoes as it can make the bread go stale faster. Learn how to store your food properly."

6: "Keep garlic away from dairy products to prevent the absorption of odors. Store these foods separately to maintain their quality."

7: "Cucumbers should not be stored with tomatoes as they release ethylene gas. Keep them separate for longer-lasting produce."

8: "Storing avocados with bananas can lead to overripening. Learn the best ways to store your food items for extended freshness."

9: "Prevent food spoilage and maintain food safety by storing these foods separately. Be mindful of how you store your groceries to maximize their shelf life."