1: Visitors feed bear, Blue Ridge Parkway closed near Asheville. Danger and consequences of interacting with wildlife emphasized.

2: Safety measures to avoid bear encounters on Blue Ridge Parkway. Respect wildlife and protect their habitat by not feeding them.

3: Local wildlife experts discuss risks of feeding bears. Law enforcement warns visitors of fines and penalties for irresponsible behavior.

4: Closure details on Blue Ridge Parkway following bear feeding incident. Increased patrols and educational efforts in the area.

5: Bear behavior and habits explained by experts. Encouraging responsible wildlife viewing to prevent dangerous situations.

6: Stories from visitors who encountered bears on Blue Ridge Parkway. Learning from their mistakes and promoting safe coexistence.

7: Consequences of human-bear interactions in national parks. Public awareness campaigns and educational materials available.

8: Emphasis on keeping bears wild and free from human influence. Encouraging responsible tourism and ethical wildlife viewing practices.

9: Reflection on the beauty and wonder of Blue Ridge Parkway. Protecting nature for future generations by preserving its natural state.