1: 1. France's new openly gay PM is a historic milestone. 2. He is the first LGBTQ+ prime minister in France's history.

2: 3. His appointment marks a significant step towards equality. 4. LGBTQ+ rights are being championed by the French government.

3: 5. The PM's sexuality has sparked important conversations. 6. France is embracing diversity and inclusivity in leadership.

4: 7. Support for the PM's groundbreaking role is growing. 8. LGBTQ+ representation in politics is a positive trend.

5: 9. France's new openly gay PM is breaking barriers. 10. He is a symbol of progress and acceptance in society.

6: 11. The PM's leadership is inspiring LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide. 12. France is making history with this significant appointment.

7: 13. LGBTQ+ rights are a priority for the new PM. 14. He is committed to advocating for equality and justice.

8: 15. France's new openly gay PM is a trailblazer. 16. His leadership signifies a new era of inclusivity in politics.

9: 17. The PM's appointment is a victory for the LGBTQ+ community. 18. France is setting an example for the world with this historic decision.