1: 1. Use succulents and cacti in hanging planters for a low-maintenance design. 2. Plant succulents in geometric pots for a modern touch in your space.

2: 3. Create a succulent wall art by arranging different succulent varieties on a vertical garden. 4. Incorporate cacti into your outdoor landscaping for a desert-inspired look.

3: 5. Group different succulent types together in a terrarium for a visually appealing display. 6. Mix and match succulents with other drought-tolerant plants for a diverse garden.

4: 7. Use succulents as a centerpiece in your outdoor dining table for a natural touch. 8. Plant succulents in shallow containers to create a mini garden in small spaces.

5: 9. Arrange succulents in a rock garden for a low-maintenance and water-wise design. 10. Combine cacti with colorful rocks and pebbles for a desert-themed garden.

6: 11. Display succulents in glass jars or clear containers to showcase their unique shapes. 12. Incorporate cacti into your indoor decor for a touch of greenery in any room.

7: 13. Create a succulent wreath for a seasonal decoration that can last all year long. 14. Plant succulents in driftwood or old wooden containers for a rustic look.

8: 15. Arrange succulents in shallow trays or wooden boxes for a minimalist design. 16. Use cacti as a focal point in a garden bed or as a standalone feature.

9: 17. Plant succulents in teacups or mugs for a quirky and whimsical display. 18. Mix and match different succulent sizes and textures for added visual interest.