1: Discover Santa's official residence in the North Pole. Meet his trusted reindeer and explore the magical workshop where toys are made.

2: Visit Santa's charming cottage in Lapland, Finland. Experience the enchanting winter wonderland and meet friendly elves.

3: Travel to Rovaniemi, Finland, known as the hometown of Santa Claus. Meet the man himself at Santa Claus Village.

4: Explore Santa Claus' cozy chalet in Switzerland. Enjoy the stunning mountain views and festive holiday activities.

5: Visit Santa's grotto in Greenland. Experience the beauty of the Arctic landscape and meet cheerful elves.

6: Discover Santa's workshop in Canada. Explore the snowy forests and meet helpful woodland creatures.

7: Travel to Santa's castle in Germany. Experience the charming Christmas markets and festive decorations.

8: Visit Santa's beach house in Australia. Enjoy a warm Christmas celebration by the ocean with surfing reindeer.

9: Explore Santa's magical igloo in Alaska. Enjoy the Northern Lights and meet playful polar bears in the winter wonderland.