1: 1. Schnitzel: Breaded and fried meat, usually pork or veal. 2. Bratwurst: Grilled sausage commonly served with sauerkraut. 3. Kartoffelsalat: Traditional German potato salad with a tangy dressing.

2: 4. Rouladen: Thinly sliced beef rolled up with onions, pickles, and mustard. 5. Sauerkraut: Fermented cabbage, often served as a side dish. 6. Königsberger Klopse: Meatballs in a creamy caper sauce.

3: 7. Brezel: Soft, pretzel-shaped bread often enjoyed with mustard. 8. Spätzle: Egg noodles typically served as a side dish. 9. Black Forest Cake: Chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream.

4: 10. Currywurst: Sliced sausage topped with curry ketchup. 11. Leberkäse: Savory meatloaf often served with a fried egg. 12. Maultaschen: Swabian dumplings filled with meat or vegetables.

5: 13. Grünkohl: Slow-cooked kale served with sausage and potatoes. 14. Wurstsalat: Sausage salad with onions, vinegar, and oil dressing. 15. Himmel und Erde: Mashed potatoes with apples and blood sausage.

6: 16. Labskaus: Corned beef hash with beetroot and potatoes. 17. Sauerbraten: Marinated and roasted beef served with gravy. 18. Weisswurst: Traditional Bavarian white sausage often eaten for breakfast.

7: 19. Flammkuchen: Thin flatbread topped with crème fraîche, onions, and bacon. 20. Schupfnudeln: Pan-fried potato noodles similar to gnocchi. 21. Schweinshaxe: Roasted pork knuckle with crispy skin.

8: 22. Käsespätzle: Cheesy egg noodles often topped with fried onions. 23. Labskaus: Corned beef hash with beetroot and potatoes. 24. Rinderroulade: Beef rolls filled with bacon, onions, and pickles.

9: 25. Thüringer Rostbratwurst: Traditional grilled bratwurst from Thuringia. 26. Dampfnudel: Sweet steamed dumplings often served with vanilla sauce. 27. Kasseler: Smoked pork loin often served with sauerkraut and potatoes.