1: "Trans Fats: Avoid fried foods and processed snacks to lower cholesterol levels."

2: "Saturated Fats: Limit red meat and full-fat dairy products to improve heart health."

3: "Sugary Drinks: Swap soda for water or herbal tea for better cholesterol control."

4: "Excess Salt: Cut back on processed foods to reduce sodium intake and cholesterol levels."

5: "White Bread: Choose whole grains to boost fiber intake and manage cholesterol."

6: "Full-Fat Dairy: Opt for low-fat options like milk and yogurt for heart health benefits."

7: "Alcohol: Limit intake to one drink per day for better cholesterol management."

8: "Cookies and Pastries: Avoid sugary treats to lower cholesterol and improve overall health."

9: "Processed Meats: Opt for lean protein sources like chicken and fish to maintain healthy cholesterol levels."