1: Introduction Explore these 13 rare modern quarters that may be hiding in your change jar. From errors to limited releases, learn what makes them so unique.

2: 2004 Wisconsin Extra Leaf Quarters Discover the elusive extra leaf error on the 2004 Wisconsin state quarter. Only a few thousand were minted, making it a collector's dream.

3: 2005 Minnesota Double Die Quarters Uncover the double die error on the 2005 Minnesota state quarter. Look closely at the lettering for this highly sought-after variation.

4: 2005 Kansas "In God We Rust" Quarters Learn about the controversial "In God We Rust" error on the 2005 Kansas state quarter. This mistake adds intrigue to any collection.

5: 2008 Arizona Extra Cactus Quarters Marvel at the extra cactus error on the 2008 Arizona state quarter. Spotting this rarity can be a challenge for even experienced collectors.

6: 2015 Nebraska Die Cracks Quarters Inspect the intricate die crack error on the 2015 Nebraska state quarter. This imperfection adds character to an already fascinating coin.

7: 2015 Homestead Monument Double Die Quarters Admire the double die error on the 2015 Homestead Monument quarter. This subtle variation can significantly increase the coin's value.

8: 2019-W San Antonio Missions Quarters Celebrate the limited release of the 2019-W San Antonio Missions quarter. With only a few million minted, this coin is a modern rarity.

9: 2020-W Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Quarters Explore the 2020-W Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller quarter, a low-mintage release from the West Point Mint. Secure your piece of history today.