1: Introduction to House Spiders Learn about the 10 most common house spiders and how to identify them in your home.

2: Black Widow Beware of the black widow spider's distinctive red hourglass marking.

3: Brown Recluse Watch out for the brown recluse spider's violin-shaped marking on its back.

4: Cellar Spider Identify the long legs and small body of the cellar spider in your home.

5: Daddy Longlegs Discover the harmless daddy longlegs with its tiny body and long legs.

6: Garden Spider Spot the colorful garden spider with its intricate web designs in your yard.

7: House Spider Learn about the common house spider with its brown color and web-building habits.

8: Jumping Spider Be on the lookout for the agile jumping spider with its unique hunting style.

9: Wolf Spider Identify the fast-moving wolf spider with its large size and hunting capabilities.